Nemef Comforte is a unique multi-point locking device which can be operated mechanically or electronically. The Comforte is suitable for retro-fitting into existing front doors as well as installation into new buildings. Bearing the Dutch police hallmark “Safe Living” and tested according to SKG** and SKH2, the Comforte is both innovative and secure.

Key Facts:

  • Backset: 65mm
  • Distance: 72mm
  • Operation: Cylinder (Art. 4915) with gear construction
  • Mechanical (Art. 4917), or Electro-mechanical (Art. 4918)
  • Front Plate: 1700mm or 1950mm 
  • Tapered hook bolts suitable for hardwood or softwood doors
  • SKG**

Also Available:

  • Electro-mechanical or mechanical single-point versions (Arts. 4937 & 4938 respectively)