3600 series

Offering a choice between rim and internal panic hardware solutions, the 3600 series from Nemef provides the flexibility you need, whatever your project. Working seamlessly with any 9mm split hub anti-panic lock, the 3600 series makes Nemef the natural choice for a total panic exit solution.

‘Smart Type’ Key Facts:

  •  Bar length: 900mm or 1200mm
  • Distance: 72mm or 92mm
  • Width: 34.5mm
  • Door width: 350–1300mm
  • Door thickness: 40-60mm
  • For single or double leaf doors
  • Complete with blind covers or covers with cylinder holes
  • Aluminium bar
  • Mechanism is black painted with a plastic cover
  • CE marked
  • EN1125 certified

‘Smart Rim Type’ Key Facts:

  • Rod length: 900mm or 1200mm
  • Door width: 350-1300mm
  • Designed specifically for double leaf doors
  • Non-handed
  • Aluminium rod
  • Mechanism is black painted with a plastic cover
  • Black painted connecting rods
  • CE marked
  • EN1125 certified