Radaris Evolution

Radaris Evolution door furniture works seamlessly with electromechanical locks to ensure that they can easily be operated to their maximum potential. It is a highly competitive combination of universality, sustainability, security and quality.

The highly sophisticated Radaris Evolution access control furniture from Nemef facilitates easier, more energy efficient door operation and security for internal or external doors. Radaris Evolution can be used in online, offline, or stand-alone systems and has a range of features which can be customised to meet customer and end-user needs. Its flexibility for use in different circumstances and its aesthetically pleasing design combine to make Radaris Evolution the perfect solution for a whole host of project types.

Integrated Solutions
The benefits of Radaris Evolution can only fully be appreciated when it is built into an integrated access control solution. Working with Comforte or EL600 locks, for example, this product can function as an online, offline, or stand-alone facility, with high-tech wall readers, wireless access points and a tailor made access management system. All of these elements can be utilised to create a fully bespoke access control solution to meet customer and end-user needs.

When partnered with the Nemef EL600 lock (for internal doors) or Comforte lock (for external doors), the highly competitive combination of universality, sustainability, security and quality comes into its own. With the capacity to provide a power source to an electro-mechanical lock via batteries, not only is installation simpler, but it is easier to utilize the benefits of cutting-edge access control technology in diverse situations.

To find out more about Radaris Evolution and how it can work for you, please contact Nemef directly.