The EL600 from Nemef is a fail safe, fail secure microprocessor controlled solenoid lock for interior doors. Combining flexibility of use with energy saving technology and Nemef’s demanding quality standards; the EL600 is the perfect choice for many internal door applications.

Key Facts:
- Microprocessor controlled solenoid lock for high reliability and low power consumption
- Fail safe, fail secure (adjustable)
- Energy consumption of just 0.5W or 0.6W at 12V or 24V
- Suitable for 12-24VDC, polarity sensitive and no diode required
- Left or right handed (adjustable)
- Automatic latch blocking
- Adjustable single or double sided electronic release
- Adjustable anti-panic side
- Settings for DIP switches, no jumpers required
- Removable front plate to facilitate maintenance
- Facility to connect an external door positioning sensor
- Available with stainless steel latch and front plate

Quality and Sustainability
Nemef have developed the EL600 in the Netherlands, ensuring that it meets the stringent quality standards which Nemef customers have come to expect. With energy consumption of just 0.5W, the EL600 can not only save energy, but it can save money as well, helping you to maintain a sustainable approach to security.

As you would expect from a company with 90 years of experience, the security provided by EL600 is both innovative and comprehensive, meeting the high demands placed on modern locks. With its smart technology, security can be electronically monitored by built-in sensors and door position sensors can be integrated into the system for even closer monitoring.