Core values

More about our core values:

Providing security solutions involves not only designing products which are robust and easy to use, but demonstrating that they can be relied upon time and again. At Nemef, we believe that physical security, ease of use, and peace of mind go hand in hand, and we ensure that all of our products combine these elements to provide the most secure solution possible. In recognition of this, many of our products have been certified by SKG, or recognised by the Dutch Police “Safe Living” hallmark.

How can we make your property more secure?

Nemef Export serves customers in over 60 countries across the globe, providing state of the art solutions as diverse as its customer base. Our international approach ensures an awareness of customer needs and product developments worldwide, keeping us in tune with evolving aspirations and requirements, wherever they may be.

Where shall we work together today?

At Nemef, we keep customer needs at the front of our minds. That’s why we have made innovation a cornerstone of our business, ensuring we consistently develop and manufacture cutting-edge products. Throughout its history, Nemef has proved itself a pioneer in product design and manufacture, providing customers with solutions they simply couldn’t get elsewhere.

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Building strong and productive relationships is at the heart of Nemef’s philosophy. By working together, Nemef and its partners are able to improve not only their products, but also their operation and service levels. Nemef believe that through working in partnership, we can provide more effective security solutions which are focussed on fulfilling existing and future needs.

How can we work better together?

Over its 90 year history, Nemef has become synonymous with quality, sustaining a reputation for exceptional design, craftsmanship, and reliability. We know that a product is of little use if it is not skilfully engineered from quality materials to a design which has been rigorously tested. That is why our customers know they can always rely on Nemef.

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