About Nemef

Security: “the state of feeling safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety” – Oxford English Dictionary

Nemef have been working for over 90 years to provide door security solutions which give its customers the comfort of “feeling safe”. When Nemef product is installed in or on your door, you can rest assured that it is engineered to the highest levels of quality, reliability, and functionality.

Building on our history as a European market leader in the supply of mortise locks to the fire door industry, we are used to working to the highest standards. Nemef continues to embody quality and reliability, not only complying with the latest certification, but pushing our products to the limit in order to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. We understand that our products are relied upon to perform day in, day out, and we keep this in mind at every stage of design, development, and manufacture.

From strong foundations, Nemef has developed a product range which stretches from conventional door furniture and cylinders, to wireless electro-mechanical access control systems. Providing a complete door opening solution for customers worldwide, we know they can always trust Nemef.

How can we help you feel safer today?